The Buildingz Platform

Buildingz is the ultimate customer experience platform for real estate.We exist to help landlords unlock new value in their assets; assisting them to attract and retain tenants, while increasing revenue.
Transforming assets in to intelligent self sustaining real estate by
delivering the ultimate tenant experience.

Buildingz Adds Value

The Buildingz Platform enhances staff efficiency by automating daily building services, leading to reduced operating costs, while also adding a unique income stream through its one-touch concierge service feature.

Buildingz Builds Community

Residents and tenants can engage more easily through the App with features such as Groups, Messaging, Community and Marketplace. The building becomes a true community, fostering loyalty and retention.

Buildingz Increases Accountability

With its advanced technology and compatibility with all third-party accounting software, Rise brings convenience and measurement to work order management, visitor management, package delivery and more. Management will stay more informed and staff will enjoy increased focus and capacity.

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